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Hello! Thanks for Visiting! 

I am Jenna Eve Wuthrich and I started Beauty Within Arts with my Aunt Delena in November 2020. We were originally based in A Butler's Market, but now we are solely online as of June 1st, 2021!!! Including the amazing shed that was aquired for me by donation from my Dad, Lars Flooring Installations and the fundraiser he threw last summer so I can have a painting studio that is easily accessible and built just how I need it! Thank you to Stephen Brandner and his family, from Eastline Enterprise for donating their time and effort for building my shed!


I was born and raised here in Prince George. I was born with a rare condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. Arthrogryposis is a non-progressive contracture in one or more areas of my body. In my case, it affects every joint except for my spine. My hands are webbed and my feet are clubbed. I have had 13 surgeries total, all on my lower half of my body. My hands are webbed and my feet are clubbed. I have had 13 surgeries total, all on my lower extremities. I have recently, in the past several months, fully recovered from my third hip surgery in July 2020.

With having many surgeries at a young age, I got very into many different types of hobbies. I learned how to do beadwork, sewing, loom knitting, string art, photography, singing, and much more as the days go on. By far, my favourite is sketching and painting. I have learned to draw and write with both my hands and my mouth, but I prefer to use my mouth as it is easier. For me, my mouth is like my hands, as odd as it may sound, it is normal for me, and every activity I listed above I do all with my mouth. in everyday living I have learned how to adapt to every new environment and I have always been determined to never let my disability stop me from anything I put my mind too. 

Thank you for reading a bit about me!


If you want to read more stories I will be blogging about my life and what I've gone through to be where I am today! 

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